26 Feb 2020 – The preprint of “Design of Optimal multiplierless FIR filters” is available via And the tool FIRopt is available on gitlab at, check it out !

11 Feb 2020 – Starting new year with a new work on A Framework for Semi-Automatic Precision and Accuracy Analysis for Fast and Rigorous Deep Learning . Preprint available at

3 Dec 2019 – Submitted a recent joint work with S. Filip and M. Kumm on the “Design of Optimal multiplierless FIR filters” to the IEEE TCAS-I, preprint available soon and a new filter design tool coming out too!

23 Oct 2019 – Article “Arithmetic approaches for rigorous design of reliable Fixed-Point LTI filters” accepted to the IEEE Transactions on computers. Preprint to be available soon.

28-29 Nov 2019 – I will be at RAIM 2019 in Toulon

1 Sept 2019 – started as an Associate Professor at Unviersity of Nantes, France

15-18 Jul 2019 – attending CAV in New York, presenting joint work with Eva Darulova

13 Jul 2019 – invited talk at the DARS workshop in Nez York (CAV satellite)

10-12 Jun 2019 – attending ARITH in Kyoto, presenting joint work with Jean-Michel Muller

15 Apr 2019 – started as an AI research resident at Intel Corporation, San Diego

March 2019 – visiting Eva Darulova’s group at MPI-SWS in Kaiserslautern

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