February 2023 – We launched an R&D partnership with Valeuriad for a CIFRE thesis ! In March, Xavier Pillet will start his PhD on the algorithmic sobriety in NLP models. Happy to collaborate with Richard Dufour and Nicolas Greffard on this thesis supervision.

January 2023 – I gladly accepted a Program Co-Chair position at the ARITH 2023 symposium. Together with Theo Dane we will help Marius Cornea, the General Chair, organizing the 30th edition of ARITH which will take place in-person in Portland on Sep 4-6.

November 2022 – Tobi Habermann, a PhD student working with Martin Kumm, presented our joint work on hardware-aware quantization using the shift-andd-approach for multiplications at the Asia-Pacific CAS confenrece.

November 2022 – I organised the GT-ARITH days (RAIM) in Nantes and was incredibly happy to hear many interesting talks.

October 2022 – Wassim Seifeddine unfortunately stopped his PhD thesis under the supervision of Silviu Filip, Christophe Jermann and myself, due to personal reasons and leaving Nantes.

September 2022 – With Hala Skaf-Molli we have started a new initiative “Femmes en Informatique @UnivNantes”, whose goal is to promote computer science domain for women.

March 2022 – I was honoured to give a plenary talk at the ReCAP 2022 (International workshop on reliable computing and computer arithmetic)

March 2022 – I was honoured to give a talk and represent the GT-ARITH at the National GDR Informatique Mathématiques Days in Lille.

23 February 2022 – Rémi Garcia participated in the best student paper competition at the National GDR ORO (Optimization and Operational Research) Days in Lyon, he was one of 8 finalists.

1 October 2021 – Wassim Seifeddine started his PhD thesis under the supervision of S. Filip, C. Jermann and I.

1 October 2021 – The LeanAI project, funded by Labex Cominlabs, started ! Silviu Filip (Inria Rennes) and I, in collaboration with E. Ricietti (ENS Lyon), will be working on acceleration of DNN training on Edge.

————- The COVID gap when I did not update this page ————————-

14 Apr 2020 – Check out newly published PhD thesis offers at

10 Apr 2020 – The A Framework for Semi-Automatic Precision and Accuracy Analysis for Fast and Rigorous Deep Learning paper is accepted for publication at IEEE Symposium on Computer Arithmetic, yippie! The sad news is that the face-to-face meeting is cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

26 Feb 2020 – The preprint of “Design of Optimal multiplierless FIR filters” is available via And the tool FIRopt is available on gitlab at, check it out !

11 Feb 2020 – Starting new year with a new work on A Framework for Semi-Automatic Precision and Accuracy Analysis for Fast and Rigorous Deep Learning . Preprint available at

3 Dec 2019 – Submitted a recent joint work with S. Filip and M. Kumm on the “Design of Optimal multiplierless FIR filters” to the IEEE TCAS-I, preprint available soon and a new filter design tool coming out too!

23 Oct 2019 – Article “Arithmetic approaches for rigorous design of reliable Fixed-Point LTI filters” accepted to the IEEE Transactions on computers. Preprint to be available soon.

28-29 Nov 2019 – I will be at RAIM 2019 in Toulon

1 Sept 2019 – started as an Associate Professor at Unviersity of Nantes, France

15-18 Jul 2019 – attending CAV in New York, presenting joint work with Eva Darulova

13 Jul 2019 – invited talk at the DARS workshop in Nez York (CAV satellite)

10-12 Jun 2019 – attending ARITH in Kyoto, presenting joint work with Jean-Michel Muller

15 Apr 2019 – started as an AI research resident at Intel Corporation, San Diego

March 2019 – visiting Eva Darulova’s group at MPI-SWS in Kaiserslautern

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