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I am an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Nantes, France. I conduct my research at the LS2N lab in team OGRE. Before that, I was a research resident at Intel Corporation in San Diego, USA and a postdoctoral researcher at Inria in Lyon, France. Former PhD student of Christoph Lauter and Thibault Hilaire at Sorbonne University UPMC in Paris, France.

Towards efficient and accurate software and hardware. Computer arithmetic approach.

My research aims to improve computer arithmetic methods used for reliable and accurate techniques in scientific computing. Algorithms rarely use exact arithmetic to perform their calculations, instead algorithms must employ more efficient floating-point and fixed-point representations. The use of these numerical formats results in computational errors that can have a serious impact on the result of the execution. Furthermore, choices about arithmetic (e.g. precision of computations and of data) inevitably influence the performance of the software and/or the target hardware cost.

I focus on the analysis of the numerical quality of algorithms and then the optimization of arithmetic parameters (precision, type of hardware operators, etc.) in order to find a suitable tradeoff between efficiency and accuracy. My research has many applications including code generation for mathematical functions, optimal design of FPGA circuits for arithmetic operations and digital filters, and most recently Deep Neural Network optimization.