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I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris 6 (LIP6), University of Pierre and Marie Curie, France.
I am doing research in the Performance and Quality of Numerical Algorithms team (PEQUAN) in the department of Scientific Computations in LIP6 and take part in the ANR project “Metalibm“.
The topic my thesis is “Towards reliable implementation of digital filters“, which I do under the direction of Prof. Jean-Claude Bajard. My direct co-supervisors are Assoc. Prof. Thibault Hilaire and Assoc. Prof. Christoph Lauter.

Towards reliable implementation of digital filters.

In my work I focus on the reliable implementation of linear digital filters. I am a part of the project which aims at developing an automatic filter code generator. Most of the existing filter implementation methods are simulation based and require some tolerance to an overflow. My goal is to develop new efficient techniques for an optimal filter design and implementation while giving a guarantee on the output error bound and ensuring that no overflow occurs. I mainly concentrate on techniques for a reliable implementation of linear digital filters on Fixed-Point processors. I apply rigorous numerical analysis approaches for accurate Floating-Point evaluation of the filter error. This allowed me to provide novel approaches on a Fixed-Point implementation with a proven guarantee on the design. Hence, I have a double competence in both digital filter design and computer arithmetic.

Keywords: floating-point error analysis, digital signal processing, linear filters, code generation, computer arithmetic, multiple precision arithmetic, interval arithmetic