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I am an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the University of Nantes, France. I conduct my research at the LS2N lab in team OGRE. Before that, I was a research resident at Intel Corporation in San Diego, USA and a postdoctoral researcher at Inria in Lyon, France. I am a former PhD student of Christoph Lauter and Thibault Hilaire at Sorbonne University UPMC in Paris, France.

Towards efficient and accurate software and hardware. Computer arithmetic approach.

My research topics are reliable computing and performance optimization of numerical computations for software (SW) and embedded hardware (HW). My focus is on the finite-precision data representations and how the choices related to the precision and architecture of arithmetic operations influence the SW/HW accuracy and performance. The use of fixed- or floating-point representations results in computational errors that can have a serious impact on the result of the execution. Furthermore, choices about arithmetic (e.g. precision data and of arithmetic operators) inevitably influence the performance of the software and/or the target hardware cost. The programmer’s burden is then to find a trade-off between the compute precision, the result’s accuracy and the performance. 

My research philosophy for almost 10 years has been the following: developers are not required to be FP or FxP arithmetic specialists and we need to build tools that will automatically make architectural decisions to reach the “sweet spot” between performance and accuracy, using knowledge specific to the application domain.

My research has been gravitating around the design and optimization of arithmetic operators (from multiplication by constants to function approximation), and their use in digital signal processing and machine learning applications.