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I am a Ph.D. student in Informatics at the Laboratory of Informatics of Paris 6 (LIP6), University of Pierre and Marie Curie, France.
I am doing research in the Performance and Quality of Numerical Algorithms team (PEQUAN) in the department of Scientific Computations in LIP6 and take part in the ANR project “Metalibm“.
The topic my thesis is “Towards unified code generation for libms and filters“, which I do under the direction of Prof. Jean-Claude Bajard. My direct co-supervisors are Assoc. Prof. Thibault Hilaire and Assoc. Prof. Christoph Lauter.

Towards unified code generation for libms and filters.
Several common approaches and subtasks exist in code generation for functions and for filters. However, existing early prototypes for function or filter code generator do not share any common formalism nor code. This is mainly due to the gap between both scientific communities. My task is to bridge that gap, with a particular focus on the filter side. During my thesis I will investigate the state of the art on both sides, transferring know-how on code generation techniques and software from the function to the filter side. Several experiments on the applicability and stability of the resulting ad-hoc filter generation software will be conducted. These experiences also include work on optimal code generation for polynomial and FIR/ IIR filter evaluation.
Basing on the experiences with this ad-hoc filter generation code it is possible to propose suitable formalism to express the commonalities in functioning of both function and filter code generation. This formalism, together with appropriate approaches, is supposed to yield a unified software tool-chain for optimized (and optimal) code generation for both signal processing filters and mathematical functions.

Keywords: floating-point error analysis, digital signal processing, linear filters, code generation, multiple precision arithmetic